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Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Varano, our goal is to save lives through early detection using the most advanced screening processes around.

What Tests Does Cardio Res-Q®, Use to Help Detect Heart Disease?

Using all the latest research and new information, I created Cardio Res-Q to empower patients to prevent a heart attack. The actual causes of heart disease are identified in each person and a personal plan is developed to stop the progression of disease. It is a modern-day approach to prevent heart attacks.

Cardio Res-Q will identify a patient’s arterial age and presence of disease, and then give patients and doctors the plan to improve arterial health. No trips to the hospital are needed. All this is conveniently done right in the doctor’s office.

Carotid intima media thickness Ultrasound plus 30-minute Consultation with Physician/Practitioner

An ultrasound of the neck used to evaluate the thickness of arteries or plaque build up in the walls of your arteries which supply blood to your brain.

A specialized blood test that assesses the presence of “sticky proteins” and “free radicals” in the blood which measures biomarkers for cardiovacular disease and assess overall health status.

A comprehensive cardiac genetic panel designed for patients with a strong family history of Heart Disease

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